Side Event COP 11: Business Initiatives for World-Wide Climate Protection

Business Initiatives for World-Wide Climate Protection

Thursday, December 1
19:30 – 21:00
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Churchill River Room

With the e-missions55 initiative, launched in 2000, e5 together with partner organizations have gathered international businesses behind a call for the entry-into-force of the Kyoto Protocol no later than 2002. Five years later, other progressive business initiatives have been formed.

Some of these initiatives focus on the question how companies can actively contribute to climate protection and what framework conditions they need. Other initiatives highlight the question which steps policy-makers should pursue, given the responsibility of politics for conservation of our natural resources.

The side event presented the most important business initiatives for world-wide climate protection. The event served as a platform that (1) fosters the direct dialogue between proactive business groups and (2) gives an insight to the audience of how comprehensive and differentiating the group has become that calls for active climate protection.


Rahumathulla Marikkar
(Interface Flooring Systems)
„Action on Climate Change Interface Canada“

Prof. Dr. Peter Höppe
(Munich Re Group)
„Global Warming – from an Insurance Risk of Change to …“

Markus Reichling
Deutsche Telekom AG
„Deutsche Telekom and Climate Protection Initiatives“

Diana Profir
(The Climate Group)
„Mission of The Climate Group“

Craig Hanson
(World Resources Institute)
„Advancing green power for a clean energy future“

Comments by Christoph Bals
“Businesses an the Climate Agenda“