Workshop: GHG Emissions Trading in the European Union

GHG Emissions Trading in the European Union

Brussels, February 21, 2002

10:00 – 18:00

On 23rd October 2001, the European Commission adopted a draft Directive to develop a mandatory greenhouse gas emissions trading program within the EU, starting in 2005. In a first phase the program would cover CO2 emissions from large industrial and energy activities. These are estimated to account for about 46% of the EU’s total CO2 emissions in 2010, and about 4,000 to 5,000 installations across the EU will be affected. In 2004 the Commission will consider an extension of the Directive to other sectors and greenhouse gases. The Directive is expected to cover half of the needed effort for the EU to reach its Kyoto target. It is the first initiative for a European wide trading system, and would be compatible with the emissions trading system under the Kyoto Protocol from 2008 onwards. Provisions for the inclusion of European Economic Area and Central and Eastern European states are also included. The system is therefore of a wide reaching nature, potentially affecting important sectors of the EU economy.

The workshop – organized by e5 and the Emissions Marketing Association (ema) is aimed at airing some of the controversial points emerging from the proposal and informing policymakers and businesses about the issues at stake. This shall help to develop a better understanding of the proposed draft Directive in the context of the decision procedure in the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. The e5 / ema workshop looks at the Directive from the perspective of the European industry. It will provide a balanced picture of the questions around the Commission’s proposal and an opportunity for participants to interact with decision makers from the public and private sector. A first Workshop in Hamburg, aimed at the German business community and organised by Germanwatch, preceded to this event.

The stakeholders invited to debate the issues include members of:

  • EU Parliamentarians and EC environmental policy leaders
  • Industry (power and other industry sectors)
  • Media
  • Regulatory and legislative bodies
  • Environmental NGO community


Introduction: Description of EU Trading Proposal

Panel 1: Political, Media, Legal, Environmental, Economics
(Perception of EU ET Proposal and commenting issues surrounding it)

Panel 2: Energy Utilities
(Comments on EU Trading Proposal)

Panel 3: Other Sectors
(Comments on EU Trading Proposal)

Final Note
Mr. Annerberg, Chef de Cabinet DG Environment

Position papers and Comments from Stakeholders and Experts

Accommodation, Location and Driving Direction
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