emission55 signatories


The following companies are supporting e-mission 55 and call on the governments of the world to ensure the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol (status as of Summer 2002):

1. ABB – Asea Brown Boveri AG, Switzerland
2. ABB Sp. z o.o., Poland
3. AEG Domestic Appliances GmbH, Germany
4. Africa-Iwalewa Weltmusik Magazin, Germany
5. Albert Schild AG, Switzerland
6. Alternative Energiesysteme Scherf GmbH, Germany
7. Apcoa Autoparking GmbH, Germany
8. Aru Corporation, Japan
9. Atlantic Consulting, United Kingdom
10. Bank Ochrony Srodowiska S.A., Poland
11. Bank Sarasin & Cie., Switzerland
12. Bank Zachodni WBK S.A., Poland
13. BC GmbH Verlags- und Mediengesellschaft, Germany
14. BelCompany BV, The Netherlands
15. Bever Zwerfsport BV, The Netherlands
16. Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus AG, Germany
17. Bio-Trainingszentrum Gars GesmbH, Austria
18. Blizzard Holding GmbH, Austria
19. Bvt Technische Anlagen Verwaltungs GmbH, Germany
20. Calor Gas Ltd., United Kingdom
21. Canon Inc., Japan
22. Canon Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland
23. Catalog House, Japan
24. CGNU plc., United Kingdom
25. Climate Care, United Kingdom
26. Concorde Pro Evenements, France
27. Coop GmbH, Switzerland
28. Credit Suisse Group, Switzerland
29. CSC Ploenzke AG, Germany
30. CSS Telecom NV, The Netherlands
31. Cycle Systems, The Netherlands
32. D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Sp. z o.o., Poland
33. Da.V.I.D. AG, Germany
34. Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV, The Netherlands
35. DEK Corporation, Russia
36. Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany
37. Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany
38. Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband, Germany
39. DeWind AG, Germany
40. DHV: Environmental Policy Unit, The Netherlands
41. Draxis environment-information, Greece
42. Dresdner Bank AG, Germany
43. DWA Installatie- en Energieadvies, The Netherlands
44. Earthcare Products Ltd., United Kingdom
45. ECC Kohtes Klewes GmbH, Germany
46. Eco-Consult Environmental Economics, The Netherlands
47. Eco-Consultants S.A., Greece
48. Eco Power Co. Ltd., Japan
49. Econcern BV, The Netherlands
50. Ecosecurities, The Netherlands
51. Ecozone, Network for Climate Safe Cooling BV, The Netherlands
52. EE-consult, USA
53. Eilers-Jacobs Solarsysteme, Germany
54. Ekostrategija, Lithuania
55. Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich, Switzerland
56. Enatec micro-cogen BV, The Netherlands
57. Eneco Energie NV, The Netherlands
58. Energetic Consulting, Germany
59. Energia-Eco Sp. z o.o., Poland
60. energy consulting, Germany
61. EnviroStar Energy Ltd., Australia
62. eurotec GmbH, Germany
63. Eurotrek/Eventure AG, Switzerland
64. Ex’tent BV, The Netherlands
65. Extra Verbrauchermärkte GmbH, Germany
66. Factor Consulting + Management AG, Switzerland
67. Fiege Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
68. First Environment Inc., USA
69. Four Corners Strategy Group, USA
70. Freeplay Energy Benelux. BV, The Netherlands
71. Fuji Xerox Ltd., Japan
72. Gaia – environmental economics, The Netherlands
73. Gaia Group Oy, Finland
74. Gerling Konzern AG, Germany
75. Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, Germany
76. GIB Group, France
77. Global Cooling BV, The Netherlands/USA
78. Global Finanz AG, Germany
79. GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, Germany
80. Green Energy.com, Japan
81. Greenergy Conti Deutschland GmbH, Germany
82. Held AG, Switzerland
83. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH, Germany
84. Heraeus Holding GmbH, Germany
85. HRP GmbH, Germany
86. Ikeuchi Towel Co. Ltd., Japan
87. Indec Presstechnik & Design GmbH, Germany
88. Infinity, Japan
89. Ingenieurbüro für Umwelttechnik Dipl.-Ing. Ulf Doerner, Germany
90. INTEGeR…consult, The Netherlands
91. International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC), United Kingdom
92. ISO-Support Co. Ltd., Japan
93. Isofloc Ökologische Baustoffe GmbH, Germany
94. Japan Natural Energy Company Ltd., Japan
95. Japan Wind Development Co. Ltd., Japan
96. K & S Haustechnik, Germany
97. Karstadt Warenhaus AG, Germany
98. Kaufhof AG, Germany
99. Kenko Co. Ltd., Japan
100. Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (KVB), Germany
101. König Kommunikation GmbH, Germany
102. Kommunalkredit Austria AG, Austria
103. Kondo Textile Industrial Co. Ltd, Japan
104. Kreativ-Konzept GmbH, Germany
105. Kronospan PL Sp. z o.o., Poland
106. Kunststofftechnik Aschenbrenner GmbH, Germany
107. Kyocera Corporation, Japan
108. Langenscheidt KG, Germany
109. Ludwig-Boelkow-Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany
110. Mautner Markhof AG, Austria
111. Max & Co. GmbH, Germany
112. Media Company GmbH, Germany
113. Media Markt & Saturn GmbH, Germany
114. Mercurius van Keulen BV, The Netherlands
115. Merison Group BV The Netherlands
116. Metro AG, Germany
117. Metro Großhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Germany
118. Mikuni Sangyo, Japan
119. MSK Corporation, Japan
120. Murphy & Spitz, Germany
121. MVV Energie AG, Germany
122. Nakagoshi Co. Ltd., Japan
123. Nakamura Denkisuido, Japan
124. Natsource Japan Ltd., Japan
125. Nature et Découvertes, France
126. Neckermann Versand AG, Germany
127. Niedersächsische Energie Agentur GmbH, Germany
128. Nuon Holding, The Netherlands
129. O.E.T. Kraft & Wärme GmbH, Germany
130. OBI Merchandise Center GmbH, Germany
131. Oeco capital Lebensversicherung AG, Germany
132. Oekostrom AG, Austria
133. Ökotec Management GmbH, Germany
134. Oetker International GmbH, Germany
135. Otto Versand GmbH, Germany
136. Peer Africa (pty) Ltd., USA
137. Poma of America, Inc., USA
138. Praktiker AG, Germany
139. PRé Consultants BV, The Netherlands
140. Projectplace Nederland BV, The Netherlands
141. Quelle AG, Germany
142. Rabobank Group, The Netherlands
143. Real SB Warenhaus GmbH, Germany
144. RePower Systems AG, Germany
145. RESO-Guarantiya, Russia
146. Résonances, France
147. Ricoh Co. Ltd., Japan
148. Royal Econosto NV, The Netherlands
149. RSE Rhein-Sieg-Eisenbahn GmbH, Germany
150. SAB BV, The Netherlands
151. Sadema Systems, France
152. SAM Sustainable Asset Management AG, Switzerland
153. Sankou Plastics Co. Ltd., Japan
154. Sanshin Shokai Co. Ltd., Japan
155. SCA Hygiene Products Sp. z o.o., Poland
156. Schönenberg Computer GmbH, Germany
157. Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan
158. Shimano Europa Holding BV, The Netherlands
159. Skandia Zycie S.A., Poland
160. SMA Regelsysteme GmbH, Germany
161. SNCF, France
162. Snow Peak Inc., Japan
163. Solar Electric Light Company, USA
164. Solara AG, Germany
165. Solaria IMC, USA
166. Solarmundo NV, Belgium
167. SolarWorld AG, Germany
168. Solon AG, Germany
169. SPAS, France
170. Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH, Germany
171. STEAG Energie-Contracting GmbH, Germany
172. Süddeutsche Zeitung GmbH, Germany
173. Sunergy BV, The Netherlands
174. Swarovski Corporation AG, Austria
175. Swiss Re AG, Switzerland
176. Swissca Holding AG, Switzerland
177. Swisscom AG, Switzerland
178. T & H Planning Co. Ltd., Japan
179. Takara Shuzo Co. Ltd., Japan
180. The Co-operative Bank PLC., United Kingdom
181. The Solar Century Ltd., United Kingdom
182. Thermatras BV, The Netherlands
183. Tolle Energie & Umwelt Consulting, Germany
184. Toyota Motor Poland Sp. z o.o., Poland
185. Trienekens AG, Germany
186. Triodos Bank Group NV, The Netherlands
187. Uganda Electronics & Computer Industries Ltd., Uganda
188. UHL Data, Germany
189. VA Tech AG, Austria
190. Valquest BV, The Netherlands
191. VASA Kraftwerke-Pool GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
192. Versiko AG, Germany
193. Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Poland
194. Wienerberger AG, Austria

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